Coming From Another Time

When I try to teach my parents how to use a computer it can be rather difficult sometimes – it’s like they’re coming from another time, and you really have to get to the basics of how computers operate. So when they came to me for help when their computer started slowing down, it was tough to explain everything in layman terms. However, we did get to the root of how everything works. I told them to think of the computer like a desk – the bigger the desk, the more stuff they can have out at once. However, the more stuff they have out at once, the slower they will go in terms of productivity. So when their computer is getting slow, there’s just too much stuff.

Now, getting rid of that “stuff” is hard sometimes. However, I explained to them that there are certain software programs that can really help clean out the stuff that they might not even know is there. For example, antimalware and antispyware programs can be a huge help in detecting malware programs that might be running in the background. One great program is called Spyhunter 4. This Spyhunter 4 review goes over how the program works, and how it can help to speed up a sluggish computer as well as protect your identity.

Another thing that you can do is to uninstall any software that you no longer need – that means going into the add /remove software section of the control panel and seeing if you can get rid of anything.

Other programs such as RegCure and CCleaner are rather helpful in terms of getting rid of all the junk files and folders and registry entries that might have built up over time. I definitely think that it’s a good idea to run these types of programs on a regular basis.